The Top 25 of Everything (2010 Edition)

Posted on Dec 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

1) Louis CK, in all his glory
2) Superchunk, Majesty Shredding
3) Drake feat. The-Dream, “Shut It Down”
4) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
5) ?uestlove’s Celebrity Stories
6) ESPN’s The Two Pablos
7) Mad Men‘s “The Suitcase” episode
8) That paragraph from George Saunders’ “Escape From Spiderland” story in which he compares birds to “earth’s bright-colored nerve endings.”
9) Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
10) Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
11) Freedom
12) The M.I.A. review collage on fourfour
13) Prince at Madison Square Garden, 12/18/10
14) Best Coast, “Boyfriend”
15) Marc Maron’s WTF podcast
16) Three book series I should have read years ago: Dune, Charles Willeford’s Hoke Moseley books, and The Walking Dead
17) Katy Perry, “Teenage Dream”
18) LCD Soundsystem at Terminal Five, 5/20/10
19) Robyn, “Dancing on My Own”
20) Kevin Hines doing a thirty-minute, one-man improv scene at a UCB Cage Match
21) The Fighter
22) ESPN’s No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson
23) Delocated
24) Ted Leo vs. Fucked Up at the Matador 21 festival in Las Vegas, 10/1/10
25) Friday Night Lights (duh)


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